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Our premier service involves the complete development of your business's website. We don't just design your website's front end. We give your website funtionality. By using databases your entire business can be run from anywhere, at anytime, by simple using a web browser.


BizFunctional can build any software application that your business needs. Using the latest technologies your storefront and backend applications can be created quickly and effectively. Whether you need distributable applications or client server applications you can rest assured that BizFunctional can meet your needs.

Responsive Design

If your business has a website that no longer stacks up to today's standards you can count on us to redesign your website to work on any device. By adding robust features and new functionality we can make your old website a thing of the past. Your business can reap the rewards of having a new more accessible website.

IT Outsourcing

Sometimes your company needs the power of an in-house IT staff but the overhead doesn't seem like the best solution. BizFunctional can help you Outsource your businesses' needs without the worry and hassle of supporting your own team. Or sometimes you simply need to add a little expertise to your existing IT department. BizFunctional can meet those needs for you.


BizFunctional - Featured Projects




Nutrition & Fitness System

Christine Paul Events, Inc.

Website Design

FedEx SameDay


TED DVD on Demand


Abilities Expo

Events System


BizFunctional is all about developing responsive web applications and mobile apps to meet your company's needs.

  • 2001-2002

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our first major project was developing VideoBuilder Inc's proprietary system, a website that allowed customers to create their own DVDs using a fully customizable online User Interface (UI).

  • March 2004

    A Team is Born

    We banded with other like minded associates to form a full team that could handle any client request.

  • December 2010

    Transition to Full Service

    BizFunctional began to take on any and all technology requests and quickly found they could support all customer needs.

  • July 2014

    Phase Two Expansion

    Working with multiple startups, BizFunctional initiated its phase two expansion plan and tackled eye opening projects once thought impossible.

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Our Amazing Team

Let the experts at BizFunctional make your life easier.

Maggie Chen

Lead Designer

Jason F. Condello

Owner / Lead Developer

Shawn Marks

Lead Marketer

The BizFunctional team has an average of sixteen years of experience in helping clients like you succeed in business. Contact us so we can make your future projects a success.

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